Precast barriers are designed to be free standing and self supported when the product is placed against them. They are ideal for flat storage in buildings. They are designed to sit on existing concrete or be concreted in. Corners and Specials also manufactured. 


Ideal bin divisions - when storing two products in a large bunker/bin. Able to be integrated with large 5 tonne barriers in a load wall bearing situation. 


A great advantage about using Precast Barriers is that they are easy to place and relocate. Precast concrete remains durable over time and does not deteriorate as fast when exposed to harsh conditions, therefore can offer a longer life over other products. 


Barriers weigh 2.5 tonne each and corner barriers are also available. These can be picked up from our Ngatea depot or delivery can be arranged with the buyer. 

Landscaping & Building Supplies


Our wide range of building and landscape products include:


  • Crushed aggregates for construction purposes

  • Sands for construction purposes

  • Soils for gardening and turf

  • Garden mulches

  • Decorative gravels

  • Builders accessories, including reinforcing mesh, reo bar, lintels, cement and associated products

  • Retaining wall products

  • Paving products

  • Turf

  • Drainage and associated products